supported projects 2012

In 2012 the selection committee granted 9 projects:

Cameroon – Bamenda Human Rights Film and Arts Festival

The organisation A Common Future organises the 2nd edition of the Bamenda Human Rights and Arts Festival. In July 2012, 18 film screenings will be held in community halls, cafes and university venues in Bamenda, a large city in the north-west of Cameroon. The screenings, targeting about 5,000 visitors, will be followed by panel discussions and debates. In addition, the 6-day festival will include an exhibition of 100 drawings about themes related to human rights.

China – China Queer Film Festival Tour

The 4th edition of this touring film festival will be held in 10 different cities in China, including regional centres in the heartland. The organisers expect to draw 2,000 spectators with this project. The festival, which will screen films that are not allowed in public cinemas, aims at raising awareness on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) issues in China, promote queer film and strengthen local LGBTQI organisations and communities.

Colombia – Derecho a Ver

The 2nd edition of the traveling human rights film festival Derecho a Ver will kick off in September 2012 in the city of Cali, Colombia. Until November 2013, a total of 200 film screenings and debates will be held in cultural centres, libraries, schools and outdoor locations in 20 cities and municipalities throughout the country. The film programme will include at least ten Colombian films related to native people’s rights, paramilitarism, forced displacement, women’s rights as well as other topics. With the free screenings the organisation Making Docs aims to reach about 8,000 visitors all over Colombia.

Kosovo – Rolling Film Festival

From 27-30 November 2012, the city of Prishtina will again be the stage for the Rolling Film Festival, a 4-day festival with 20 films by and about Roma from all over the world. Apart from film screenings, the festival includes a daily discussion session, a short film competition, workshops and music concerts. The organisers expect to attract over 2,100 people to this 3rd festival edition that aims at combating stereotypes and promoting positive inter-ethnic relations.

Libya – Tripoli Human Rights Film Festival

In September 2012, the National Awareness Movement will hold the 1st Tripoli Human Rights Film Festival. This film festival, which will take place for 4 days, presents 6 films related to various human rights, such as empowerment of women and discrimination. The films will be subtitled or dubbed in Arabic. About 1,000 people are expected to attend the 1st edition of the festival. The National Awareness Movement, which was established in August 2011, also organises 3 panel discussions.

Pakistan – Awareness Raising Film Festivals

Raising awareness about gender-based violence will be the aim of 30 film screenings to be held in Pakistan’s Punjab Province. The Al Asar Development Organisation cooperates with five tribal councils and ten rural councils to organise these screenings, with an expected audience of over 5,000 people. Movies that Matter has assisted two earlier editions of this festival, that includes separate screenings for men and women about these sensitive topics. The screenings will take place from July to September 2012.

Philippines - Human Rights Cinema

In December 2012, the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance will organise the second edition of the traveling film festival “Sine Karbengan” (Human Rights Cinema). In Northern Luzon, Philippines, 24 films will be screened at four universities and three community centres. The film event will  focus on militarisation and children’s rights. A total of 4,500 people are expected to attend the screenings. The first edition of the traveling festival, which was supported by Movies that Matter, was held for the first time in 2011.

Uganda – Manya Human Rights International Film Festival

The third edition of the Manya Human Rights International Film Festival will take place from 10-16 December 2012. With film screenings in 40 video halls, the national theatre, as well as outdoors, the event aims to reach grassroot communities living in and around the Ugandan capital Kampala. The main goal of the festival is to make people reflect on their own role and responsibility in protecting human rights. Screenings will be translated live to include the semiliterate and illiterate. Side activities will include workshops, seminars and performances. The organisers aim to attract at least 10,000 visitors.

Ukraine – 9th Docudays Ua Traveling Film Festival in Regions of Ukraine

From October to December 2012, Docudays will again be touring around the country. The festival will visit 22 regions of Ukraine and 120 cities and settlements. Traditionally, the annual Docudays UA International Festival hosted in Kyiv continues as a traveling festival throughout Ukraine, screening the winning films of festival in Kyiv as well as other documentaries. The organisers expect to attract a total of 150,000 visitors to this 9th edition. The screenings will take place in schools, universities, libraries, penitentiary institutions, cinemas and community centers and will be followed by discussions with experts, human rights activists, lawyers, educators, and local government authorities.