Watch the interviews with our 'True Heroes'!

Watch the interviews with our 'True Heroes'!

March 25, 2016

At the Movies that Matter Festival we want to offer a stage for true heroes. Have a look at the interviews with these heroes.

William Binney from A Good American: a former technical director of the NSA, where he tried to make the National Security Agency adopt a surveillance programme that respected privacy. After leaving the agency disillusioned, he became a public and vocal critic of his former employer. Watch the interview here

Ensaf Haider from Saudi Arabia: A Wind of Change:  the wife-turned-activist of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi. The documentary shows how many women – and men – manage to move within the existing limitations and bring changes step by step. Watch the interview here

Nanfu Wang, director of Hooligan Sparrow: her film won two prizes; the A Matter of ACT Award for Best Documentary and the A Matter of ACT Human Rights Award for it's protagonist Ye Haiyan. Watch the interview here