The True Cost & Blood in the Mobile - MIAT Gent

The True Cost & Blood in the Mobile - MIAT Gent

November 18, 2016

On 20 November, the MIAT museum in Gent opens its new exposition Made by children: Child labour then and now. In the context of this expo the films The True Cost and Blood in the Mobile are also screened.

The exposition Made by children gives child labour a face. Fourteen children tell their stories. But whether set in the textile industry, the brickworks or showbiz, each of those stories is heart-rending. The topic is further highlighted with the films Blood in the Mobile - about the production of mobile phones in Congo - and The True Cost - about the working conditions in the textile industry.

An expo and two Movies that Matter that leave no one untouched en raise questions. How do we look at children, then and now? What do we consider as child labour? And how do children think about this topic themselves?

You can find more information and tickets here.