Algo Mío: the winner of the Camera Justitia Award!

Algo Mío: the winner of the Camera Justitia Award!

March 31, 2017

Camera Justitia focuses on law and justice. Eight films shed light on judicial dilemmas and the challenges of (international) legal systems. The programme is closely connected to the work of the many international institutions that operate in The Hague, city of Peace and Justice.

The Camera Justitia programme 2017 consists of four documentaries Algo Mio -  Argentina's Stolen Children, No Place for a Rebel, Solitary, and Zero Days, and four fiction films, Apprentice,  Bram Fischer, A Good Wife, en The Verdict

On Thursday 30 March at 20.00 hrs the festive Camera Justitia Night took place, hosted by Chairman of the Movies thatMatter Foundation and international criminal defense lawyer Bart Stapert. The international jury presented the Camera Justitia Award to Jenny Hellmann and Regina Mennig, the directors of Algo Mío - Argentina's Stolen Children. 

This year's Camera Justitia jury consisted of Jozias van Aartsen, (former) Mayor of The Hague, Jennifer Schense, International Cooperation Adviser at the International Criminal Court, Wouter Werner, Professor of Public International Law at the VU Amsterdam, Sophie van Winden, Dutch actress and Ellen Vermeulen, Belgian filmmaker.