Students that Matter Film Special at HvA

Students that Matter Film Special at HvA

November 21, 2017

On the 21st of November Raving Iran, a documentary film about the life of techno DJs in Iran, will be shown at FLOOR (Kohnstammhuis Wibautstraat 2-4).  The screening will commence at 16:30. No entree fee is required, but we do ask you to please apply in advance.

Arash and Anoosh dream of a career as techno DJs, but this goal is virtually unattainable in Iran. So they mix at illegal rave parties and try to sell their album 'under the counter' in record shops. Their dream seems to vanish after one of them is arrested, but then an invitation to perform at a major dance festival in Switzerland opens up new perspectives.

After the screening, there will be time for a drink and a talk with two interesting guests of the UAF who will share their insights regarding the film and Iran. After working as a human resource manager for several years, Iranian Arash Mortazavy (44) is currently studying at the HvA to become a science teacher. Masoud Molla Ghollamali (30) became a member of UAF in 2012 and has since been committed to the organization as a mentor of students. Masoud previously studied architecture in Iran but is now following courses on Built Environment Engineering at the HvA.

We present this film special as part of a collaboration between the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.