ANOTE'S ARK in the Peace Palace

ANOTE'S ARK in the Peace Palace

September 05, 2018

During the Just Peace weekend we will screen the documentary Anote's Ark in cooperation with Humanity House, the Red Cross and Movies that Matter at the Peace Palace in The Hague.

In Oceania, situated in one of the world’s most remote locations, the island nation of Kiribati faces serious jeopardy: the lives of people and animals are threatened by the rapidly rising sea levels caused by climate change. It is possibly the first country to be consumed by the sea due to global warming. President Tong is engaged in a race against the clock to ensure his people’s safety. He sees climate change as a ‘declaration of war’, adding a new dimension to his -and our- problem.

Prior to the film, you can ask questions on climate change during an interactive talk show. Maarten van Aalst (director of the International Red Cross Climate Center) and Jeroen Vervliet (Director-Librarian of the Carnegie Foundation) will shed light on humanitarian risks of climate change and the role international law - and thus the Peace Palace - will play in combating those risks.

The program starts at 20:00. Doors of the Visitors Centre open at 19:15. Be sure to bring a warm coat or a blanket. Seating places are offered on the steps in the garden, and a limited number of chairs are available. In the unfortunate case of rain, the event will be relocated inside. Bringing beverages is nog allowed. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine are sold at the venue.

Tickets cost €10 per individual. Students pay €8.50. Language: English. Access to the grounds is only possible on showing a valid ID (for non-EU-citizens: passport).