Raving Iran @ Rauwkost Festival

Raving Iran @ Rauwkost Festival

January 26, 2019

On Saturday August 26th Movies that Matter and Spacial Collective partner up for a special screening of the popular documentary Raving Iran at the Rauwkost Festival. The screening takes place at The Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch.

They call themselves Blade & Beard – two DJs who are making inroads with their own brand of melodic “deep house.” Illegal inroads, that is, as Anoosh and Arash live in Iran, where the moral police have banned all forms of techno or house music. They are nevertheless able to spread their beats thanks to the underground music circuit, but it’s far from easy. They both hunger for a normal life, out in the open – but without having to compromise their musical dreams. The young men know this is only possible outside of Iran. When they receive an invitation to play at the Lethargy techno festival in Zurich, they recognize that the time has come to make a big decision.

Click here to see the trailer of Raving Iran. More information on this event can be found here

Subtitles are in English