Movies that Matter @ IDFA

Movies that Matter @ IDFA

November 21, 2019

The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam takes place from November 20 to December 1. Movies that Matter hosts three Doc Talks in collaboration with IDFA, in which our artistic director Margje de Koning and programmer Maarten Stoltz will speak with the directors and / or experts at De Balie after the screening.

Khartoum Offside (dir. Marwa Zein) - November 21, 15.00 | Tickets
A portrait of female soccer players in Khartoum, who dream of playing on a national team for Sudan in the World Cup. The social, political and financial obstacles they face seem insurmountable. Nevertheless, they remain cheerful and optimistic, and continue to practice on Khartoum’s grassless fields.

Followed by an interview with the director and Meg Smith (program director Women Win) led by Margje de Koning (artistic director Movies that Matter).

Beats of the Antonov (dir. Hajooj Kuka) - November 21, 17.15 | Tickets
Sudan has been in an almost constant state of civil war since independence. People living in the southern border regions know and fear the sound of the Antonov planes, used by Omar al-Bashir’s government to randomly bombard villages. Traditionally music has always been part of the fabric of daily life in these areas, but it gains a new and vital significance in this time of war.

Afterwards, Margje de Koning (artistic director Movies that Matter) will have a conversation with the director. With music by Osama Meleegi (percussion and oud) and dance by The Black Pharaohs.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (dir. Donnacha O'Briain, Kim Bartley) - November 26, 17.30 | Tickets
When filmmakers Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Briain start following the left-wing Venezuelan president Chávez, he has been in power for three years. The deprived inhabitants of the favelas worship him, while the wealthy upper class that has close connections to the oil industry considers him dangerous. The thorn in Chávez’s side, however, is the treatment he receives from the media. Though he delivers his weekly show on state television, the five private channels crush the president with fierce criticism on a daily basis.

Followed by an interview with filmmaker Tuki Jencquel (Esta Todo Bien) and journalist Edwin Koopman, led by Maarten Stoltz (programme coordinator Movies that Matter)