Movies that Matter @ Goed TV

Movies that Matter @ Goed TV

March 23, 2011

Goed TV is a Dutch digital television channel with ‘a heart for the world'. In March and April, Goed TV pays a tribute to the Movies that Matter Festival by broadcasting two documentaries, which could be seen at previous festival editions.


An Independent Mind is about one of the most important and at the same time one of the most controversial human right: freedom of speech.


The other documentary broadcasted by Goed TV is Letters to the president, about the Iranian president Ahmadinejad. He asked his people to send him letters, a part of his personal approach. This sometimes  hilarious film shows how bureaucracy and money problems cause troubles in this approach. 


As from Friday 25 March, the digital channel also features footage of the opening night, and five video portraits of human rights defenders that will attend the festival as part of the A Matter of ACT programme: Suciwati Munir from Unjust, Alice Nkom from Cameroon: Coming Out of the Nkuta, Ayed Morrar from Budrus, Andrej Nekrasov from Russian Letters and Chris Mburu from A Small Act.

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