30 women arrested in Cuba

30 women arrested in Cuba

March 18, 2010

Laura Pollán Toledo, one of the guests of honour of the festival programme A Matter of ACT, is arrested during a demonstration of the 'Women in white' last Wednesday. The festival film Women in White portrays the long lasting demonstrations of the Cuban ladies.


Wednesday 17 March, seven years after the Black Spring, 30 women were arrested in Cuba. The 'Women in white' recalled in a demonstration the arrest wave of 2003, when 75 men, with amongst others intellectuals, journalists and writers, were arrested. Nowadays still 53 men are kept in prison. The arrested women were brought to the house of one of their leaders.  


The situation of the dissidents got the world's attention again last February, when one of the dissidents, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, died because of a hunger strike. Tamayo's mother also participated in the demonstration of the 'Women in white' Wednesday 17 March.


Amnesty International asked president Castro to release the prisoners, but until now the requests have been refused, because of so called 'pro-American interests'.