Nationwide road show: new selection of films

Nationwide road show: new selection of films

December 28, 2009

Every month, film theatres across the country present a special documentary or movie dealing with human rights. Here we give you a preview of the films that will be screened from February through May 2010.


February: Suddenly, Last Winter

A documentary about how a government bill aimed at reinforcing the legal status of gays and unmarried couples stirs a wave of homophobia in Italy.
Previews of the Movies that Matter Festival.


March: Weapon of War
Documentary by Dutch film makers Ilse and Femke van Velzen about rapes in Congo, in which the perpetrators explain what motivated them to commit such acts.
Special previews of the Movies that Matter Festival commented by the directors.

April: Upload Cinema: Saved by YouTube - Activism on the Internet
Together with Upload Cinema, Movies that Matter presents a special programme about activism on the Internet. The most exciting and inspiring Internet shorts are brought to the big screen.
This programme has its premiere at the Movies that Matter Festival 2010.


May: Dreaming Nicaragua
An endearing and aesthetical portrait of underprivileged children in Nicaragua, whose drawings express their stories and dreams.