Expert meeting Kunst in de Wereld

Expert meeting Kunst in de Wereld

March 24, 2010

Tuesday 30 March from 2 - 6 pm in Het Nutshuis in The Hague, during the Movies that Matter Festival, an active working group will address the friction between engagement and autonomy, looking at the power of art as a communication medium in today's society. 


Short presentations and long brainstorming sessions introduced by Merlijn Twaalfhoven, in which engaged artists share their experiences and dilemmas.

Tinkebell is an artist that exposes blind spots in modern society by confronting people with their indifference and hypocrisy.


Composer/philosopher and conceptual artist Vincent van Gerven Oei is the spiritual father of artistic vandalism and designed a "Monument for the Chased-Off Citizens of Rotterdam" for the local political party Leefbaar Rotterdam.


Any-media artist Rini Hartman seeks to commit local artists to the UN Millennium Goals through his project '8 Visions of Hope'. In doing so, he is faced with issues such as how to pursue the project vision while at the same time preserving the individuality of the artist.


Richard Menken (Lost Horizon, inc.) is currently working on the ‘Voices' project, in which deaf children and adults from the Occupied Palestinian Territories perform as ‘Anchormen of the Human Condition' through sign language.


Marieke de Lange produces theatrical performances in Namibia and Kenya, in which young people take center stage.


Merlijn Twaalfhoven develops music projects in conflict areas. Here, he experiences the limits of his own good intentions and often comes into conflict with himself.


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