'Habibi' in Delft and Amersfoort

'Habibi' in Delft and Amersfoort

January 10, 2013

Tonight in Lumen, Delft at 19.30 hrs and De Lieve Vrouw, Amersfoort at 21.05 hrs: screening of the film Habibi. The film takes an old Arabian folktale about forbidden love and retells it as a love story between two students in the modern-day Middle East. At university in the West Bank, dreamy Qays and lovely Layla fall head-over-heels for each other’s charms. When their student visas are revoked, they return to the Palestinian village where they both were born.

Reservations Delft: 015-2140226

Reservations Amersfoort: 033-4226555


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