'Rebelle' and 'No' nominated for Oscar!

'Rebelle' and 'No' nominated for Oscar!

February 06, 2013

The films Rebelle and No have been nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Both films will be screened during the Movies that Matter Festival 2013, 21-27 March in The Hague.          


No: Chilean adman (Gael García Bernal) doesn't know much about politics. But when the opposition is allowed to hold a referendum on Pinochet, he knows one thing for sure: 'No' can only win with a happy campaign. Made by the master chronicler of the Pinochet era: Larrain.


Rebelle: Magic movie about Komona, a fourteen-year-old girl who tells her unborn baby about how she became a rebel and how amidst the acts of war she fell in love with the Magician, another child soldier, with whom she attempts to flee the rebel army.


The complete programme of the Movies that Matter Festival 2013 will be online beginning of March. Ticket sales will start 7 March.