Human Rights Tattoo at the Museum Night The Hague

Human Rights Tattoo at the Museum Night The Hague

September 05, 2013

At the Movies that Matter Festival 2013 the Human Rights Tattoo guys had their work cut out for them as many enthusiastic candidates lined up to become part of the unique ambassador programme. If you missed it you'll have another chance to get your free Human Rights Tattoo at the Humanity House during the Museum Night The Hague at September 7th.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights united in 6.773 tattooed letters on 6.773 human beings. That’s the idea of visual arts collective Tilburg Cowboys in the project Human Rights Tattoo.


Become Human Rights ambassador

Are you willing to get one of the 6773 tattoos and be part of this very unique and exclusive community of Human Rights ambassadors? Come to the Humanity House during Museum Night. Tattoos are free and you can choose the size, color and font. Get your tattoo at the Museum Night at September 7th at Humanity House in The Hague, from 19:30 till 01:30 h.