“To screen the film is enough”

30, 1999

I do not talk about politics. To screen the film is enough" , says Joke Baert. Joke works for Fundacion Pachamama in Ecuador and organises Cine Amazónico, a traveling film festival focusing on the rights of the inhabitants of the Amazon region.
For what should you do as a poor country that can’t afford their schools and hospitals, but has oil reserves estimated by the government to be 20% of the total world oil reserves? The Ecuadorian government has approved new oil drilling in the Amazon, despite the damage it will cause to the people and the environment. This decision has led to many protests throughout Ecuador. Cine Amazonico’s main objective is to gain media attention and create awareness on these issues.
“The festivals screens films that would otherwise remain unseen. Films that provoke debate”, Joke says. “Film screenings and photo exhibitions are primarily cultural events . But these events are also platform for encounter and conversation.  In Guayaquil , one of the key economic cities in the country , a group of people met at one of Cine Amazonico ‘s film screenings. Since then, this group has started monthly film screenings and weekly protests against the plans of the government ." Joke is hopeful about the new generation. They are self-conscious and stand up for their rights .
Movies that Matter supports the festival that starts in late October and travels along seven major cities in Ecuador for a few months .