documentary 'a handful of ash'  changed kurdish law

documentary 'a handful of ash' changed kurdish law

November 01, 2013

What  started out as a film about a practice that has afflicted tens of millions of women worldwide, culminated in a change in the law.

Ten years after they embarked on a documentary to investigate the extent of female genital mutilation in Kurdistan, two film-makers have found their work changing more than just opinions in a fiercely conservative part of the world. Partly as a result of the film, the numbers of girls being genitally mutilated in the villages and towns of Iraqi Kurdistan has fallen by more than half in the last five years.

The one hour long documentary, which is a co-production with The Guardian and the BBC, will be aired throughout the next week by BBC Aarabic and will also be screened in an outreach programme thanks to the support of Wadi, Hivos and Movies that Matter.
Read the full article in The Guardian and watch a short version of the film here.