'Kinshasa Kids' in Groningen

'Kinshasa Kids' in Groningen

December 10, 2013

Tonight at 21.00 hrs at Vera Zienema, Groningen, the musical film with documentary-like features Kinshasa Kids. In the hustle and bustle of the Congolese capital some 30,000 children live on the street because their parents accuse them of witchcraft. Some of them decide to ward off their bad luck by forming the band The Devil does not Exist. The eccentric impresario Bebson helps them ‘to rock Kinshasa!’. Without giving in to sentimentality, Kinshasa Kids is a tribute to the resilience and highspirited nature of the young protagonists, all of whom are amateur actors that Belgian director Marc-Henri Wajnberg recruited in the streets of Kinshasa.

Please note that the film has English subtitles only!


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