World Premiere 'Sex voor 5 euro' at the Movies that Matter Festival

World Premiere 'Sex voor 5 euro' at the Movies that Matter Festival

February 14, 2014

Sex voor 5 euro, an EO-documentary with Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau about child prostitution in Brazil, will  see its world premiere on Sunday 23 March at the Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague.

After its premiere, the Free a Girl foundation will organise several more screenings accross the country. ‘Sex voor 5 euro’ will be broadcasted by the Dutch EO on Thursday 5 June at 21.35 hrs on Nederland 3.

“You can easy buy a young girl, like you buy chocolate”, says a taxi driver in the documentary. In the back of the taxi sits Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau, co-founder and ambassador of the Free a Girl foundation. She is on a mission in Brazil. Because of the World Cup demand for sex with minors is expected toincrease. Yolanthe wants this to stop.

Fortaleza, Brazil. Underaged girls gather around the bars near the boulevard, looking for men to make money. The girls are picked up at deserted roads. The price the men pay: 5 euros. The price the girls pay: a young wrecked life. How can girls who started prostituting at the age of twelve escape the vicious circle of poverty, violence, and drugs? What are the dynamics of this circle of supply and demand?