Camera Justitia Night with  'Watchers of the Sky'

Camera Justitia Night with 'Watchers of the Sky'

February 18, 2015

The Camera Justitia Night will take place on Thursday 26 March in The Hague as part of the Movies that Matter Festival. During this evening event, the festival-acclaimed, award-winning film Watchers of the Sky by American director Edet Belzberg will have its Dutch premiere and a jury will present the Camera Justitia Award.

By using films, debates, a master class and a talkshow, the Camera Justitia programme will shed light on such themes as law and justice, the rule of law, legal dilemmas and the international legal system. The documentary Watchers of the Sky portrays Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin, who introduced the term genocide in 1943, while the Holocaust raged. Lemkin had a very close, personal experience with the mass murders of the early 20th century and fought the remainder of his life to get that term acknowledged and ensure that such crimes could be prosecuted internationally. The movie will be introduced by criminal law expert Heikelien Verrijn Stuart.