Ai Weiwei - Never Sorry

Alison Klayman

Movies that Matter is happy to announce the very successful opening of new On Tour season. In October the documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, about the Chinese artivist Ai Weiwei, sold out in theatres throughout The Netherlands. Read more about the film.


Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Fredrik Gertten

In November, Movies that Matter On Tour screened the contemporary ‘David versus Goliath’ story Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, in which one man stands up against a food producer and pays the price for it. Read more about the film.


Give Up Tomorrow

Marty Syjuco, Michael Collins

On a stormy night in the summer of 1997, two sisters disappear on an island in the Philippines. Nineteenyear-old student Paco Larrañaga is convicted for the rape and murder of the girls, despite plenty of evidence proving his innocence. The legal process against the teenager is considered to be the trial of the century in the Philippines. Documentary-thriller about a murder mystery in a Kafkaesque world full of corruption, lack of justice, abuse of power and sensation-seeking media. Read more about the film.



Susan Youssef

Habibi takes an old Arabian folktale about forbidden love and retells it as a love story between two students in the modern-day Middle East. At university in the West Bank, dreamy Qays and lovely Layla fall head-over-heels for each other’s charms. When their student visas are revoked, they return to the Palestinian village where they both were born. Habibi is the first feature-length film to be recorded in the tumultuous Gaza Strip in 15 years. Read more about the film.