On Tour voorjaar 2014

Joe Michael Piscatella

From a Chicago suburb nineteen-year-old student Ala’a Basatneh coordinates a huge online network of revolutionaries in Syria, posting demonstrations on Facebook, mapping escape routes via Google Maps and putting footage of demonstrators online. Using the Internet she supports activists who wage war against the regime with their cameras and keep filming even when bombs explode all around them. The unfolding insurrection raises the question as to what the most effective means to drive away a dictator is: social media or an AK-47?

Jacob Kornbluth

Entertaining documentary about the reverse side of the American dream. According to passionate professor Robert Reich, severe income inequality in the United States is not only a major threat to the economy, but to democracy as well. But there is hope, he says: “We make the economic rules ourselves, so we have the power to change those rules”. Despite the discomforting message the story is brought across in a light-hearted and humorous manner, using animations, archive footage and Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five.

Reis Çelik

A very young, yet beautiful Turkish bride is waiting for her freshly wed groom who is old enough to be her grandfather. While the teenager fears the upcoming wedding night, it turns out that the old man did not deliberately choose this situation either. The two are bound to each other in order to end a vendetta between both families. At the break of day the question is whether they have done what was expected from them. Poetic drama with subtle acting performances about the ceremonies and traditions surrounding an arranged marriage.

Valeria Golino

Irene is a pretty, wayward student with a secret sideline. Using the pseudonym Miele (honey), she helps terminally ill people who want to end their lives in a dignified manner. Disguised as a tourist she flies to Mexico to surreptitiously buy the products she needs to do so. One day, she meets old Grimaldi, who wants to die without being ill. This puts Irene’s work in an entirely different perspective.