Burden of Peace

Joey Boink & Sander Wirken

Claudia Paz y Paz, Guatemala’s first female attorney general, is engaged in a painstaking and brave fight for justice in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, where corruption and impunity are rife. Dutch filmmakers follow Paz y Paz from her arrival at the public prosecutor’s office in 2010 until her departure in 2013. Merely 2% of the murder cases in her country are brought before a judge. Moreover, those responsible for the genocide committed against the indigenous Mayans in the eighties have never been prosecuted. Will Claudia succeed in breaking the spiral of violence and lack of justice?

Guatemala, The Netherlands, 2014
Documentary, 77 min.
Dutch or English subtitles*

*check the theatre websites for more information

Dates, times and locations:

Mo 4 May         20.00 hrs         Theater Ins Blau, Leiden
We 6 May         19.30 hrs         Kriterion, Amsterdam
Th 7 May          19.30 hrs         Lumen, Delft
Su 10 May        14.00 hrs         Filmhuis Den Haag, The Hague
Su 10 May        15.00 hrs         Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch
Mo 11 May       19.00 hrs         Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
Mo 11 May       19.00 hrs         Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht
Mo 11 May       19.30 hrs         Lumière, Maastricht
Tu 12 May        19.30 hrs         Gigant, Apeldoorn
Tu 12 May        20.00 hrs         Filmtheater Hilversum
Tu 12 May        21.00 hrs         Vera Zienema, Groningen
Tu 19 May        20.00 hrs         Cinema Middelburg
We 20 May       19.00 hrs         Focus Filmtheater, Arnhem

In Leiden, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Utrecht and Groningen director Joey Boink will be present for a Q&A after the screening. Researcher Sander Wirken will be present for a Q&A in Leiden, Amsterdam, Delft and Maastricht. Marlies Stappers, director of Impunity Watch, will be present for a Q&A in The Hague and Hilversum.



Boris Lojkine

Road movie about the young Nigerian woman Hope who sets outs on a dangerous journey straight across the desert to reach Europe and its prosperity, hoping for a better future. When she is harassed by armed men, Leonard from Cameroon stands up for her. Together, they continue their trip and a romance flourishes between them, despite the precarious situation. For his debut movie, director Boris Lojkine worked with amateur actors whose experiences in life are similar to those of the film’s protagonists.



The Shelter

Fernand Melgar

Despite a thick layer of snow and freezing cold many refugees in Lausanne spend the harsh winter nights outside. The local homeless shelter has low capacity, while every evening some hundred people show up, looking for a safe place to sleep and something to eat. While the homeless worry about how to make it through the night without freezing to death, the shelter’s employees face the ungrateful and arbitrary task to decide who is allowed in and who has to stay outside. Poignant documentary about the immigration issue in Switzerland which is typical of the situation in all major European cities.



Zeresenay Berhane Mehari

On her way home from school, fourteen-year-old Ethiopian Hirut is kidnapped by a gang of young farmers. One of them wants to wed her and locks her up. Hirut escapes and shoots her assailant. She is arrested and risks the death penalty. Human rights lawyer Meaza Ashefani comes to her rescue, but meets with resistance from the patriarchal rural community, where bride kidnapping is commonplace. Beautiful motion picture, based on true events, about the gap between traditions and the contemporary legal system in modern-day Ethiopia.