Inbetween Worlds

Feo Aladag

Despite the fact that his brother was killed in a previous mission in Afghanistan, German soldier Jesper accepts a second mission to the war zone. There he becomes friends with young interpreter Tarik, whose job includes mediating between soldiers and villagers. Because of this Tarik is permanently exposed to threats. Jesper wants to help him, but orders from above prevent him from doing so. How humane and helpful can soldiers on a peacekeeping mission be when they have to obey military orders and deal with red tape?

Germany, 2014
Fiction, 102 min.


Nice People

Karin af Klintberg, Anders Helgeson

Humorous feel-good documentary about the first Somalian Bandy team (a kind of ice hockey) in the world. The team consists of Somali immigrants, who live in the ‘friendly’ village of Börlange in Sweden. Even though the boys have never been ice skating before, their wish is to compete at the world championships of Bandy in Siberia. An idealistic local businessman came up with the idea for this project in an attempt to bring his slightly xenophobic compatriots closer to the many Somali immigrants living in his hometown. In order to get the boys ready for the ultimate game he teams up with a former Bandy champion.

Sweden, 2015
Documentary, 90 min.



Héctor Gálvez

In Peru a group of forensic investigators dig up the corps of an unknown person, twenty years after a violent period in politics. The only clue that might lead to the identification of this person is an old faded photo that is found in the clothes on the body. Fidel, a thoughtful investigator, is fascinated by the case. Even more so when a woman shows up who is still hoping to find her long lost husband. Fidel is faced with a moral dilemma between the human and the scientific approach to the investigation.

Peru, Colombia, France, Germany, 2014
Fiction, 90 min.




Patrick Reed, Michelle Shephard

When he was fifteen years old Omar Khadr was captured by American soldiers and locked up in the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. There he underwent years of torture. Thirteen years later, following transfer to a Canadian prison, he is unexpectedly released in May 2015. From his new home, he and his attorney look back on his role in the war and the atrocities of the prison camp. Was Omar just a naive child or a ruthless terrorist? Can we really hold a child accountable for his actions?

Canada, 2015
Documentary, 80 min.