Bruxelles-Kigali - Q&A met regisseur Marie-France Collard

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vrijdag 22 maart 2013 - 12:30

Q&A met regisseur Marie-France Collard door Marnix de Bruyne (Wordt Vervolgd).

Behalve films heeft de regisseuse ook theaterstukken gemaakt over Rwanda.


Marie-France Collard is a self-taught filmmaker. She has made several (engaged) documentaries. Since 1990, she has been a member of the Groupov, an artists' collective whose work is directed towards theatre. She's the coauthor of the plays "Trash (A lonely orayer)," "Anathème" and "Rwanda 94", an award-winning play that was performed all over the world. With Patrick Czaplinski, in April 2005, during the final performances of the play Rwanda 94 at the Théâtre de la Place (Liège), Marie-France Collard made the film “Rwanda 94”.


In 2000, she made the film ‘Ouvrières du Monde’, which won the Jean Lods Price at the Grands Prix Scam 2001 (France), and the Audience Award at the 11th Cologne Women’s Film Festival in October 2002. She worked on the documentary ‘Rwanda 2004’ about the filming of the spectacle in Rwanda in April 2004, as part of the 10th anniversary of the genocide of the Tutsi and the massacre of the moderate Hutu. In 2011, Collard made the film Les Moissons de la Faim, about food production and consumption, export and import in Europe (France, Belgium) and Latin America (Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia).

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