The Court - Q&A met de regisseurs

Court, The (2013)
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Wanneer & waar?

dinsdag 26 maart 2013 - 14:30

Q&A met regisseurs Marcus Vetter en Michele Gentile. Moderator is Jos Walenkamp van de Haagse Hogeschool.


Regisseur en producent Marcus Vetter werkt als freelance editor, schijrver en regisseur voor het Duitse televisiestation SDR/SWR. Hij maakte verschillende documentaires, waaronder Cinema Jenin, die vorig jaar op het Movies that Matter Festival te zien was.


Michele Gentile - Born in Tubingen, Germany in 1987. He went to live in Australia after his bachelor for one and a half years. Being called back to Germany to serve in the army, he decided to use his service time to learn more about high-tech equipment and films. He was deployed in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer. He constantly harboured the wish to go into film making. This is why he worked as a volunteer to rebuild Cinema Jenin in Palestine which brought him in touch with Marcus Vetter. After the project Cinema Jenin, Marcus and Michele started together Bukera Pictures, a production company based in Tubingen, Germany.

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