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The Hague
On the Move at Movies that Matter Festival 2018

From 23-31 the annual Movies that Matter Festival will take place in The Hague. For nine days Filmhuis Den Haag and Theater aan het Spui will offer stage to around seventy films about human rights and justice, in combination with follow-up talks and debates. On top of that, you can enjoy exhibitions, live music, good food and much more!

Every year we present a number of competition programmes and varying theme programmes. One of this year's theme programmes is On the Move about migration. Migration is one of the most important issues of our time. Due to (political) conflicts, 65 million people are forced to leave their homes. Below we highlight three titles from this programme. The complete film programme is online at the end of February.

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My Homeland

Watani, My Homeland is the story of one family's fight and struggle to survive the Syrian Civil War. Having lost her husband, a mother makes the heart achingly painful decision to leave her homeland, in search of safety and a brighter future for her offspring. Filmed over three years primarily through the eyes of the children, the documentary chronicles the family's journey from the front-line in Aleppo, to a little town in Germany.
Director Marcel Mettelsiefen will attend the festival.


Ghullam, Keiber and Noori were minors when they fled from Afghanistan to the Netherlands without their parents. Now they have been living in a derelict demolition block near Maastricht for years, while waiting for a residence permit. Three pensioners from Maastricht are concerned about their fate and help the boys with legal advice, distraction and daily groceries.
The documentary Onderkomen will have its world premiere at our festival.

Une Saison
en France

Back in his home town of Bangui, Abbas was a respected scholar. After fleeing the Central African Republic's civil war that left his wife murdered, Abbas and his two children now live in Paris. While this widower mourns his dead wife, he attempts to build up a new life as a fruit merchant at the local market. Carole, a French woman, supports Abbas and offers shelter to his family. However, when his asylum application is rejected, they are faced with a crucial decision.

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