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The Hague

Our mission is to open eyes for human rights through film. To achieve this, we organize thought-provoking film screenings that stimulate debate all throughout the year, culminating in our annual Movies that Matter Festival. A film and debate festival where you can watch special films and talk to activists, judges, international experts and enthusiastic filmmakers. This year, we introduce a new thematic program called Resist that might interest you.

From uprisings against a corrupt political regime to the fight for freedom of expression - resistance can be found everywhere. It requires courage from individuals who endanger their own existence for a just world. A sacrifice of which they often experience the consequences daily: imprisonment, exclusion and violence. In our thematic program Resist! we follow groups, singles and activists who are fighting for their principles.

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The Other Side
of Everything

Mila Turajlic's new film The Other Side of Everything follows the trajectory of Serbia from the perspective of her mother, Srbijanka. From communism to Milosevic to today's resurgent nationalists, she's been a public voice of resistance to multiple regimes. As the filmmaker begins an intimate conversation with her mother, the political fault line running through their home reveals a house and a country haunted by history. Nostalgia for the past has given way to confronting the politics of the present.

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Amal is 14 years old when she ends up on Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution, after the death of her boyfriend in the Port Said Stadium riot. During the protests, she is beaten by police and dragged across the square by her hair. This coming-of-age film follows her over the years after the revolution. As the film cuts between the unfolding current events and Amal’s rapidly changing life (and appearance), we see her searching for her own identity in a country in transition.

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