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Logo Movies that Matter 22 - 30 March 2019 in The Hague
Camera Justitia - Movies that Matter Festival 2019

From 22 - 30 March 2019 the annual Movies that Matter Festival will take place in The Hague. For nine days Filmhuis Den Haag and Theater aan het Spui will offer stage to around seventy films about human rights and justice, in combination with Q & A's and debates. 

The Camera Justitia competition programme focuses on the bright but also the darker sides of law and justice, with eight films (both fiction and documentary) on legal dilemmas, truth-finding, international law and the fight for justice. During the Camera Justitia Night an international jury will hand out the award the Golden Butterfly Camera Justitia Award and € 5,000 to the director of the winning film. Furthermore, we organise a masterclass with the prominent international Defence lawyer Colleen Rohan. Below we highlight three festival titles, as well as a special warm-up for the Camera Justitia programme on 3 March in Pathe Buitenhof The Hague. The complete festival programme will be online at the end of February.

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On the basis of sex

As a special warm-up for the Camera Justitia programme of MtMF19 we screen the feature film On the Basis of Sex on Sunday 3 March in collaboration with Entertainment One in Pathé Buitenhof in The Hague. Afterwards a 30-minute Q&A takes place. Would you like to give away free tickets for this screening via your newsletter? Send an e-mail to

On The Basis Of Sex tells the fascinating story of the feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Together with her husband, the young lawyer starts a groundbreaking case about sex discrimination. She appears at the Supreme Court of the United States, where she will later become the first female lawyer ever, a position she in real life already holds for more than 25 years. 

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The feature film Acusada of Argentinian director Gonzalo Tobal tells the story of young Dolores, who is the only indicted suspect for the murder of her best friend. Her family and friends do everything they can to help her prove her innocence, but as the trial moves forward and pressure grows, suspicion and secrets emerge within the family.

Acusada is a thrilling courtroom drama about the impact of media and social networks on the lives of those involved in a trial. The film was nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Crime + punishment

Crime + Punishment is about a group of minority whistleblower officers who risk everything to expose racially discriminatory policing practices and smash the blue wall of silence. The documentary is a captivating and cinematic investigation into the New York Police Department’s outlawed practices of quota-driven policing and officer retaliation.

Using secret recordings between officers and commanders, firsthand accounts, and emotional testimony, the NYPD12 detail the explosive truth when no one else will listen. In the meantime, Manuel Gomez, an ex-cop turned private investigator, collects testimony from young minorities who have been affected by these policies and targeted by officers in the name of fighting crime.


The Bosnian War has cost the lives of around 100,000 innocent people. In 2012, almost exactly 20 years after the bloody conflict started, the trial of the Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić began at the Yugoslavia tribunal in The Hague. The crimes he was accused of include leading the siege of Sarajevo and murdering 7,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica.

In addition to telling the stories of victims and witnesses, the documentary raises questions about the international tribunal itself—is it possible to achieve justice through a five-year trial if it won’t bring back the dead and the accused refuses to even acknowledge the verdict?

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