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Awards & Competitions

Activist Night
Yesterday, more than 300 people enjoyed the moving and inspiring Activist Night. Eduard Nazarski (Director of Amnesty International NL) kicked off the evening by thanking the activists ‘for giving us hope and inspiration’. Rapper Benjamin Fro continued by entertaining the audience with his inspiring song and poem about the importance of activism and urgency of revolution. Jury chairman Marilyn Haimée presented the Activist Human Right Award to Shakila Ibrahimkhail from the film Facing the Dragon. The Activist Documentary Award went to Ghost Fleet.

Camera Justitia Night

Tonight the Camera Justitia Night takes place, where the jury will hand out the Camera Justitia Award to the director of the winning film for the Camera Justitia competition. After this we we will screen the film Smuggling HendrixJoin us tonight at the Camera Justitia Night at at 20:15 hrs, Theater aan het Spui Grote Zaal.

Dutch Movies Matter Night

Tomorrow night, join us at the Dutch Movies Matter Night, where the international jury will hand out the Dutch Movies that Matter Award to the director of the winning film. After this we will screen the film Dirty GodCheck out the Dutch Movies Matter Night on Friday, March 29 at 20:15 hrs  at Theater aan het Spui Grote Zaal.

Daddy and the Warlord

Filmmaker Shamira Raphaela together with American-Dutch journalist Clarice Gargard set out on a quest into Clarice’s father’s past. Much to her surprise, she discovers that the man she had always looked up to had played an instrumental role in bringing Charles Taylor to power: former president of Liberia and convicted war criminal.

Go see Daddy & the Warlord on Friday, March 29 at 17:00 hrs at Theater aan het Spui Grote Zaal.

Welcome to Sodom

Where does your used phone or computer go when you buy a new one? It is most likely to end up in Agbogbloshie in Ghana; the largest electronic waste dump in the world, containing over 250,000 tons of electronic waste from mostly western countries. About 6000 women, men and children live and work here.

Go see Welcome to Sodom on Friday, March 29 at 17:00 hrs at Zaal 3, Filmhuis Den Haag.

Ademloos (Breathless)

After the death of his father, Belgian filmmaker Daniel Lambo starts an investigation into the deadly asbestos industry. His search leads him to one of the biggest asbestos dumping grounds in India, where he uncovers an industry worth millions that continues to jeopardize the lives of employees and consumers around the world.

Go see Ademloos (Breathless) on Friday, March 29 at 21:30 hrs at Zaal 1, Filmhuis Den Haag.

Best of #MtMF19

Join us on Saturday 30 March at 12.00 hrs for the Best of #MtMF19.  You'll see three of the best films of the festival. We''ll start the day with the fun comedy Smuggling Hendrix, followed by the documentary The Feminister and we'll end the day with the screening of the BNNVARA Audience Award 2019.

Go here to see an update of the top 5 of the BNNVARA Audience Award.

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