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Camera Justitia

Cyberwar, illegal adoption, the death penalty, solitary confinement, child soldiers, resistance, war crimes, and a final verdict.

Camera Justitia reveals the bright but also the darker sides of law and justice. Four documentaries, four fiction films and over thirty experts and filmmakers show and discuss judicial dilemmas and the challenges of (international) legal systems.

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The four Camera Justitia fiction films incisively uncover the impact of law and legal systems on the daily lives of individuals all over the world.

Guilty or not guilty? In The Verdict, the audience decides on the fate of an air force pilot who saved but also ended many lives by shooting down a hijacked passenger aircraft. That yesterday's decisions affect today's struggles is also experienced by prison guard Aiman who becomes the Apprentice of a death penalty executioner. Serbian housewife Milena is haunted by the ghosts of the past too, when she discovers a dark secret in A Good Wife. Finally, the brave defense of Nelson Mandela in the historical drama Bram Fischer provides food for thought about just but also unjust law.

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The four Camera Justitia documentaries question the capacity of the law to effectively and humanely deal with personal traumas as well as global threats.

Can you secure your identity through a trial? Algo Mio – Argentia’s Stolen Children offers two different perspectives on the legal solution to illegal adoption. Can you hold prisoners in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, indefinitely? Solitary gives a disturbing look inside a US maximum security prison. Do we really know what threatens us? Zero Days unravels the highly secretive and highly intrusive cyber operations that increasingly dominate the world's international relations. What does 'civilian life' mean when you spent 16 years fighting in the bush? No Place for a Rebel follows the struggles of former child soldier Opono Opondo.

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Camera Justitia Night

On Thursday 30 March at 20.00h the festive Camera Justitia Night will take place, hosted by Chairman of the Movies that Matter Foundation and international criminal defense lawyer Bart Stapert. The international jury will present the Camera Justitia Award to the director of the winning film. After the ceremony, we will screen the film The Verdict.

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Camera Justitia Masterclass

On Thursday 30 March at 16:00h Judge Julia Sebutinde (International Court of Justice) delivers the annual Camera Justitia Masterclass. She reflects on a selection of film fragments from this year’s festival programme and speaks about the role of law in the global search for peace and justice. Moderated by philosopher of law Heikelina Verrijn Stuart.

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Camera Justitia Jury

This year's Camera Justitia jury consists of Jozias van Aartsen, (former) Mayor of The Hague, Jennifer Schense, International Cooperation Adviser at the International Criminal Court, Wouter Werner, Professor of Public International Law at the VU Amsterdam, Sophie van Winden, Dutch actress and Ellen Vermeulen, Belgian filmmaker.

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