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The perfect film for your curriculum | €5 student rate | Monday 26 March – Thursday 29 March

Have you always wanted to introduce your students to film as an educational tool? Look no further! Movies that Matter has as its mission to open (young) people’s eyes to human rights through film. To achieve this, we host thought-provoking film screenings throughout the year that stir debate and promote human rights education. 

As such, we would like to invite you and your students to the Movies that Matter Festival (23-31 March 2018 in the Hague). For €5 per student, we will organize a screening of a film selected by you. You can pick any film from our (soon to be announced) festival program, but we happily offer our advice as well. Our screenings feature carefully selected talks or Q&As with special guests to help students delve deeper into the subject matter of the chosen film.  

Practical information
Interested? Please send an e-mail to our education department to book seats for your screening at our festival (located ca. 10 min. from The Hague Central Station) or to inquire about which films are best suited for your study program. Definitive film choices can be made at a later time. Film screenings can be arranged for Monday 26 March – Thursday 29 March in the morning or afternoon, with a preferred time slot to be discussed. If you have a notice board at your institution, we'd gladly send you one of our film festival posters for free.

Camera Justitia

Camera Justitia is our competition program that focuses on law and justice, and is closely connected to the work of the many international institutions that operate in The Hague. The selected eight films shed light on judicial dilemmas and the challenges of (international) legal systems.
The film screenings are followed by in-depth Q&A’s and discussions with film makers and experts.

Info on Camera Justitia
Aus dem Nichts

Besides being the opening film of our festival, Aus dem Nichts is also featured in the Camera Justitia competition. Katja's life collapses after her husband and son die in a bomb attack. After a time of mourning and injustice, Katja takes matters into her own hands. A tale about family, law and revenge, based on the right-wing extremist murders in Germany and the subsequent lawsuit in 2013.

Watch the trailer
So Help Me God

One of documentaries selected for Festival Favorites is So Help Me God. The extraordinary Anne Gruwez takes us behind the scenes of criminal investigation. The film offers an unfettered look at the daily activities of the Brussels research judge including interrogating suspects, visiting crime scenes and conducting DNA research in collaboration with detectives of the police.

Watch a teaser clip
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