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€5 student rate | Tuesday 27 March |  Thursday 29 March

We gladly invite you to bring your students to the Movies that Matter Festival (23-31 March 2018): the international film and debate festival about peace and justice in The Hague. Below, we highlight the film screenings and masterclasses that you can still join with your students.

Practical information
Interested? Please send an e-mail to our education department to book seats for one of the screenings at our festival or to inquire about which films are best suited to your study program.


Tuesday 27 March 11:00 | Talk with Expert 

Revealing portrayal of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Oscar-winning director Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) follows Assange for six years. What initially started out as a positive documentary about a visionary, historical figure changes along the way into a character study of a narcissistic man who loves to expose sensitive matters of other people, but lashes out fiercely when he is under critical scrutiny himself.

A fascinating film about the fight of one person against a system of power and (international) justice. 

The screening is accompanied by an introduction or aftertalk with a to be announced relevant expert on the boundaries of the freedom of Internet.

Mr. Gay Syria

Tuesday 27 March 11:30 | Activist Q&A

Syrian refugee Mahmoud Hassino organizes the very first Mr. Gay Syria contest in Istanbul to generate more awareness of the plight of the Syrian LGBTI community. Hairdresser Husein is competing in the pageant, but is also leading a double life as a father and husband in a conservative Syrian family.

Gay Syrian refugees pay a high price both for being born in Syria and for being born gay. Many Syrian refugees now live in Turkey, but according to Hassino, ‘the country is becoming more and more homophobic.’

Mahmoud Hassino is visiting the festival as part of our Activist programme. After the screening of Mr. Gay Syria, he will join us for a Q&A with the audience.

Teaser Trailer
Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower + Masterclass

Tuesday 27 March 14:30- 16.00  | 16.00 - 17.30 Masterclass with Activist Joshua Wong

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower is a stirring documentary about a group of teenagers from Hong Kong who challenge China during the Umbrella Revolution. As China slowly but surely restricts civil and political freedoms in Hong Kong, the people take to the streets in overwhelming numbers. Led by 17-year-old Joshua Wong, the protesters encounter the authorities in an epic stand-off.

Subsequently after the screening of the documentary, Joshua Wong himself will appear for a comprehensive Q&A during the Activism masterclass hosted by Amnesty International. The masterclass can be attended by students free of charge, with a hundred seats available.

Truth Detectives

Thursday 29 March 13:30-15:30

All over the world, people are combining the latest technologies with the findings of citizen journalists and investigators, to combat impunity and injustice. They have one goal above all: denying perpetrators the chance to deny. These are the real Truth Detectives, uncovering evidence where it seems almost impossible to find. The documentary shows fascinating reports from Ukraine, Colombia, Israel, Syria and Mali.

Following the screening of the documentary there will be a masterclass that students can attend as well.


Thursday 29 March 16:00-17:30

Kathryne Bomberger, Director-General of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), will give a masterclass based on film excerpts from the Camera Justitia festival programme. Since 1998 she has been involved in the development of the ICMP, an organization that helps governments, families and legal authorities detect and identify missing persons worldwide.

The masterclass can be attended by students and is free of charge, with a hundred seats available.

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