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Risky Screenings

Screening socially engaged films can be risky business. In this newsletter, we ask your attention for our Malaysian colleague Lena Hendry, who is on trial for screening the award-winning documentary No Fire Zone. Also, we present the film events Movies that Matter recently decided to support, including those in the Sahara desert, Colombia, Indonesia, Moldova, Pakistan, Palestine and Senegal. Despite the difficult circumstances, we are pleased that many people still dare to show stories that matter on the big screen.

Support Lena Hendry

Our colleague Lena Hendry, organiser of the Freedom Film Fest in Malaysia, is currently on trial for screening the award-winning film No Fire Zone: the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government actively tried to prevent screenings of this documentary, about the killing of thousands of Tamil people in 2009. Lena is charged for screening the film in Kuala Lumpur without explicit government approval in July 2013. When she is found guilty, she risks a heavy fine and/or a prison sentence. Please support Lena by signing this petition.

Read more about Lena's case

40 members for Human Rights Film Network

The Human Rights Film Network is very pleased to welcome two new members. The network is an informal partnership of currently 40 film festivals that are actively promoting human rights cinema. Movies that Matter runs the secretariat of the network. The new members are Ciné Doit Libre Abidjan in Ivory Coast, and the international human rights and film festival Humans Fest in Valencia, Spain. Members of the Human Rights Film Network recently convened during IDFA.


Supported projects

Organising film festivals about human rights is not easy. This is particularly true in (post-)conflict regions or places where freedom of expression is under threat. That is why Movies that Matter supports such brave initiatives. A good example is the African Bamba Human Rights Film Festival in Senegal. In March 2016 this  festival will screen films and host discussions about homosexuality in Africa, still a taboo and even a criminal offence in many African countries. In May 2016, the second edition of the Palestine Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival will be launched at Gaza International Airport. Other supported cinema projects include those in Nigeria, Sudan, Senegal, Algeria, Moldova, Montenegro, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Read more about these supported projects
Movies that Matter nominated for Impact Award

Great news! The International Support Programme of Movies that Matter is nominated for the Impact Award, an initiative of the Dutch programme Art of Impact. It is the first art award for non-artists. Movies that Matter is nominated  because of its innovative combination of grants, workshops, events and advice, encouraging screenings of socially engaged films and driving discussions on human rights in developing countries. The award ceremony takes place on 14 December.

Read more here (in Dutch)


10 December, Human Rights Day

Film has an unprecedented capacity to open eyes. What cannot be accomplished by spoken and written language, is sometimes achieved by motion picture. Therefore, we encourage Dutch diplomats to organise film screenings on 10 December, International Human Rights Day. Movies that Matter offers them a menu of five high-quality films: Burden of Peace (Joey Boink), E-TEAM (Katy Chevigny/Ross Kauffman), The Shelter (Fernand Melgar), Stories of Our Lives (Jim Chuchu) and Timbuktu (Abderrahmane Sissako). More than 35 Dutch embassies worldwide are expected to host film screenings and debates.

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