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Reaching new audiences

How to enthuse audiences that do not regularly attend film screenings and discussion programmes? By bringing the screen to them! An increasing number of film festivals organises mobile screenings. In this newsletter we proudly present the festivals Movies that Matter recently decided to offer a grant.

Movies that Matter also supported the publication of a Spanish book for organisers of socially engaged film festivals. This inspirational guide was launched in Argentina early June.

LGBTQ film festivals

During the 10-day ShanghaiPRIDE in China, starting tomorrow, film screenings and discussions about LGBTQ rights take place. With its focus on ‘gender’, this year’s festival aims to give voice to transsexuals and people with different gender identities. In India, the LGBTQ community has largely been underground. By organising film screenings and discussions in 15 university campuses in different Indian cities, the KASHISH International Queer Film Festival aims to contribute to a queer-friendlier society.

Every child...

... has the right to a healthy, educated and safe future. However, for girls in Nepal this is not so clear-cut. In August the fourth edition of Bato Ko Cinema (Street Cinema) will start, consisting of open-air screenings of short films in five towns throughout Nepal. Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) is an annual human rights film event in the centre of Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, with outdoor screenings and discussions from dusk to dawn. This year both festivals focus on children's rights.

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Travelling festivals

In the first two weeks of August, the Censurados Film Festival in Peru will inflate its screens in Madre de Dios, an indigenous Amazon region. In 12 villages, films about freedom of expression and human rights will be presented on public squares and in community areas. A few weeks later, Ambulante Colombia will be travelling through five cities, arranging almost 200 film screenings and 40 debates in schools, museums, neighbourhood centres and rural communities. In the isolated and volatile Karamoja region in northeastern Uganda, a unique festival will be held, presenting films made by Karamojong filmmakers and international productions. The festival aims to inspire and show people the art of cinema, and to bring together people from neighbouring tribes in a peaceful way. At the end of this year, people in the Philippines will witness the fourth edition of Sine Karbengan (Human Rights Cinema). With a total of 60 screenings and discussions in northern Luzon, the travelling festival serves as a statement of the people’s resistance against human rights violations in the country.

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Spanish Guide on Setting up a Film Festival

Early June a Spanish handbook was launched for organisers of socially engaged film festivals: "Cómo organizar un festival de cine con compromiso social". The 276-page guide is full of examples and practical suggestions related to organising environmental and human rights film events. Based on two earlier handbooks in English on setting up a human rights film festival, published by One World in Prague, this Spanish variant was edited and published by the Argentinean multimedia institute DerHumALC. With the aim to strengthen human rights related film events in Latin America, Movies that Matter financially supported the publication of this manual.

The launch took place at the 3rd International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA) in Buenos Aires, and was also attended by directors of CineEco Portugal, the Dominican Republic Environmental Festival, the International Political Film Festival and the International Deaf Film Festival in Buenos Aires. They expect this guide will become a very useful tool to them and others in the future.

The English and Spanish handbooks are available online
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