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Shared Experiences

In this era of online streaming services, why would you still attend a film festival?

Because the shared experience of watching films together creates a perfect starting point for a debate, for meeting people and sharing thoughts. At least, that's how we see it. For more info and other perspectives, read the book Activist Film Festivals. Want to win a free copy? This newsletter will tell you how.

5 new festivals

We're very excited that new film festivals are happening in important places across the globe! This month we provided start-up grants to new projects in Central African Republic, China, Gambia, Uganda and Kosovo & Serbia

The supported initiatives have a wide thematic variety: in the Central African Republic the focus is on peace and democracy, the transboundary film initiative in the Balkans is about promoting understanding among youth, whereas the Shanghai Queer Film Festival aims to promote Chinese queer cinema.

Backed for impact

Other projects we supported are new editions of existing festivals taking place in 2017. Many are still in their early stages, like the festivals in Bolivia and Lebanon. More established events, like the travelling festivals in Colombia, Malaysia and Nicaragua have received an impact grant to be used for attracting new audiences and increasing the festival's impact. We also support a year-round film screening and discussion programme in Turkey that will take off in October. Many supported projects face opposition from conservative groups or the authorities. They deserve our backing!

Read more about when & where all supported projects take place

Cinema without Borders

Twelve participants from all over the world attended our five-day programme Cinema without Borders. During the Movies that Matter Festival 2017 they took part in workshops and speeddates, sharing many experiences and ideas, related to programming, publicity and practicalities. They went home with lots of inspiration for their own human rights film festivals in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, Moldova, Montenegro, Uganda, Gambia, South Africa and Ethiopia and Peru. As one of the participants said: "It's been good, even better than expected." 

Watch the aftermovie here.


Grant Programme Movies that Matter - for festival organisers: deadline 4 September 2017

Human Rights Film Network brunch @ IDFA - 21 November 2017

Film submissions Movies that Matter Festival - deadline 1 December 2017

Movies that Matter Festival - 23-31 March 2018

Go Short International Film Festival - 11-15 April 2018

WIN the book Activist Film Festivals

Can film festivals actually change the world? The book Activist Film Festivals breaks new ground by bringing scholars from a range of disciplines together with industry professionals to explore the concept of festivals through an activist lens.

Movies that Matter will give away two copies of this book, edited by Sonia Tascón and Tyson Wils. Check and like our Facebook page to participate in the competition.

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