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Connecting through film

Films that shine a light on human rights are screened all over the world. We are committed to supporting festivals in areas where organising a film festival about human rights is more difficult, such as in developing countries and in regions where press freedom is at stake.

With this newsletter, we proudly present the ten festivals that we recently decided to support! From Turkey to Timor-Leste, we endorse projects that use the power of film to promote human rights and social justice.

Newly supported projects

This month, we have offered grants to a new round of projects! Among others, we support two debuting festivals that will receive our start-up grant. For the first time a human rights film festival will take place in Timor-Leste in 2018. To bring the cinema to the people, the Timor-Leste Human Rights Film Festival will use a portable set-up to screen their selection of films at multiple sites. A new film festival will also arrive in South Africa: Shining Lights onto Langa. The festival introduces people to the Sunshine Cinema, a solar powered mobile cinema that converts solar energy into social impact. It brings people together with the intent to uplift grassroots movements and create networks of social change.

Additionally, our selection includes three film festivals that pay direct attention to LGTBQI+ rights in Turkey, Pakistan and Myanmar. Other supported cinema projects include those in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Palestine, Turkey and Peru.

Read more about all projects that were supported this year
Save the Date!

In the upcoming weeks, several film festivals concerned with human rights issues will be hosted around the world:

Embassy Film Menu

We offer all Dutch embassies the opportunity to screen films in the context of International Human Rights Day, 10 December. More than 50 Dutch embassies from all over the world have expressed interest in organising a screening with one of the 5 selected documentaries. For instance, the film Hissein Habré, A Chadian Tragedy, which won the A Matter of ACT Documentary Award at Movies that Matter Festival 2017, will be screened in Freedom Park in Lagos, Nigeria, followed by a discussion.

Other films include The Borneo Case, Tickling Giants, What Tomorrow Brings and Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

Last call for entries

We invite you to submit your feature film, fiction and documentary, for the Movies that Matter Festival 2018 (23-31 March 2018). The deadline is 1 December 2017 for all films finished after 1 December 2016. Please check the rules and regulations before applying.

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HRFN Brunch @ IDFA

The Human Rights Film Network invites you to an informal network brunch at IDFA. Festival organisers from all over the world will meet on Tuesday 21 November 2017 11:00-13:00 hrs at Café de Jaren. We are looking forward to seeing many filmmakers, producers, distributors, sales agents and colleagues there! Check out the event on Facebook.

Film Festival Workshop in Minsk

Our colleague Julie Nederkoorn was invited as a trainer for a workshop programme on how to organise a film festival for cultural managers from the Southern Caucasus. The programme was organised by the Caucasian House, a Georgian NGO working on peacebuilding and culture in the Caucasus region. The training was held in Minsk (Belarus) from 2-6 November 2017 during the 24th edition of the Listapad Film Festival. Among the participating countries were people from Armenia (Apricot Tree festival), Azerbaijan (DokuBaku film festival) and Georgia (CinéDoc Tbilisi and the Tbilisi International Student Film Festival). Topics of the workshops included festival programming, developing a good festival atmosphere, fundraising and marketing. It was fruitful to work together to find solutions for all the problems faced by different festivals and the local political contexts in which they operate.

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