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Platform for debate

By supporting film festivals, Movies that Matter promotes the discussion on human rights and social justice worldwide. We believe that meeting each other and having discussions are indispensable elements of film festivals.

Especially in countries where freedom of expression is limited, such festivals can serve as unique platforms for engaged artists to show their work, and for communities, journalists and civil society organisations to freely exchange opinions and ideas.

Workshops for Latin American festivals

Are you from Latin America, and interested in screening socially engaged cinema? Learn how to organise a human rights film festival! Between 31 May and 6 June Movies that Matter and IMD provide a multi-day workshop programme in Buenos Aires on programming, promoting and managing an engaged film festival. Working language is Spanish.

Please note there are only a few days left to apply! Deadline is 16 February.

Call for Proposals

Movies that Matter supports film festivals, mobile cinema events and community screenings to stimulate the discussion on human rights in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe or the Middle East. We mainly support festivals in countries with limited press freedom. Not only existing festivals, but also new initiatives can be granted financial assistance. We do not support film production.

Read more about our criteria and grant regulations. Deadline is 15 April.

Arabic book on organising a film festival

The second edition of Setting up a Human Rights Film Festival is now available in Arabic. Written by festival organisers from around the world, this practical guide focuses on the needs and challenges of festivals that are sprouting all over the world. Movies that Matter initiated this Arabic translation to encourage and inspire organisers of socially engaged film festivals in the Arab World.

The book was launched at Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan, in December 2017. The handbook can be downloaded for free on our website. We also have 100 paper copies available. Please contact us and we will be pleased to send you the book.

Movies that Matter Festival 2018

Just a few weeks until the start of the Movies that Matter Festival 2018. We open the festival with Golden Globe winner Aus dem Nichts (In the Fade), a shocking tale about the search for justice and revenge, by German director Fatih Akin. The full festival programme is released at the end of this month, but to give you a little sneak peek, please check our festival promo.

Good Pitch Europe

Attention European Impact Producers and European filmmakers working on social and environmental justice film projects, Good Pitch Europe is looking for you! Entries for the next edition of Good Pitch and Doc Society's Film Lab are welcome until 16 February.

▶︎ Filmmakers apply here.
▶︎ Impact Producers apply here.

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