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The Power of Film

We don't have to convince you what a fantastic medium cinema is, not only for its intrinsic beauty, but also for its persuasive storytelling power. Through our events and with our partners, Movies that Matter promotes the screening of stories on human dignity, in different shapes and styles.

This newsletter presents our latest projects and the work of our terrific partner festivals to tell such strong stories.

Sexuality matters

We are proud to announce that eight new projects will receive financial support by Movies that Matter. Four of these projects have a strong focus on gender, sexuality and the rights of LGBTI individuals.

We support the Side by Side Festival in Moscow, comprised of four days of film screenings, debates and Q&As. In Turkey, the Pink Life QueerFest presents films and debate in Ankara, Istanbul, Denizli and Diyarbakır. The Kyiv International Short Film Festival in Ukraine will have a "Sexuality Matters" programme, consisting of 25 films related to sexuality, queerness and gender. In India we support the Sama-Bhav Travelling Film Festival, which screens films to encourage young Indian men to oppose discrimination and violence against women.

Bringing People Together

One thing many projects have in common, is that they bring people together. Qara Film Festival, a new festival in Kazakhstan, aims to unite Kazakh- and Russian-speaking audiences and stimulate more interaction between these two groups. In Colombia, the NGO Cine Vagabundo screens films about peace in buses, churches, parks and even jails all across the country, bringing together different people who lived in conflict for many years. In neighbouring Peru, a new project, called Las Tratan, presents films from Eastern and Central Europe on the big screen all over the country, whereas the AcceCine festival is held to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in cultural life and society in Peru, serving as an example for other sectors and regions.

Read more about all projects supported in 2019.

Setting Up a Human Rights Festival - now in French

Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival is an inspiring guide for film festival organisers all around the world. Written by festival organisers from around the world, this handbook focuses on the needs and challenges of festivals that are sprouting all over the world. The book offers first-hand experiences and lessons learned on the many tasks needed for a successful festival including fundraising, overcoming logistical problems, attracting new audiences, and dealing with censorship and security threats.

After the release of the English manual, translations became available in Spanish and Arabic. To provide organisers of existing and emerging human rights film festivals in francophone countries with the necessary know-how, we have now released a French translation that can be downloaded for free on our website.

HRFN Brunch @ IDFA

The Human Rights Film Network invites you to its network brunch at IDFA on Tuesday 26 November 11:00 - 13:00 hrs at Het Groene Paleis in Amsterdam. A great opportunity to meet film festival programmers from all around the world. We are looking forward to seeing many filmmakers, producers, distributors, sales agents and colleagues there! Check out the event on Facebook.

The upcoming festivals of our HRFN colleagues are also a great place to meet. We'll be present at Karama Festival in Jordan or at WatchDOCS Festival in Poland.

Film screenings at Dutch embassies worldwide

To put human rights in the spotlight, Movies that Matter gives Dutch embassies worldwide the opportunity to screen human rights films in the context of International Human Rights Day, 10 December. Thanks to all cooperating production companies and sales agencies, embassies can choose between four captivating documentaries (Facing the Dragon, The Feeling of Being Watched, The Trial of Ratko Mladic, Unpaved Road to Peace) and two fiction films (Layla M. and Rafiki). About 50 embassies have already shown interested in screening one (or more) of these films.

Submissions - Movies that Matter 2020

You haven't sent us your film yet? Hurry up! We invite you to submit your feature fiction film or documentary for the Movies that Matter Festival 2020. The deadline is 1 December 2019 for all films finished in 2019 or 2020. Please check the rules and regulations here.

The Movies that Matter Festival takes place from 20-28 March 2020 in The Hague, the Netherlands. To promote high-quality  production and effective distribution of stories that matter, we plan to organise several events for (documentary) film professionals. Keep an eye on our facebook page and this newsletter to stay informed.

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