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Logo Movies that Matter - Educatief November 2014
Cinema for human rights

This month twelve remarkable film festivals were granted support by Movies that Matter. This newsletter presents a short preview of this selection; the spotlights are on Guatemala, Ukraine and Niger.

Early December, Movies that Matter lands in Jordan for the Cinema without Borders workshop programme, in which thirteen talented film professionals from the Middle East and Northern Africa will share their experiences.

Cine en la Calle

The ‘Colective Cine en la Calle’ organizes a film festival including 30 open air screenings and debates about issues such as youth unemployment and migration. Screenings take place in public spaces such as bus stations and football fields in the marginalized outskirts of Guatemala City and the El Quiche province.

Docudays Ukraine

Human rights documentaries are screened in almost 200 cities and towns throughout Ukraine, as part of the 11th Docudays Ua Travelling Film Festival. Despite the current political crisis, the festival is held all over the country, including in Crimea and unstable parts of Eastern Ukraine. Around 130.000 visitors are expected.


A mobile cinema project travels to 45 villages in the Zinder region and reaches 60.000 visitors by screening films that raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities.

Additionally, Movies that Matter supports human rights film events taking place in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Philippines, Malaysia, Palestine, Russia and East Timor.

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Presentation of the handbook at the HRFN Network Brunch - IDFA 2014
Handbook: Setting up a Human Rights Film Festival

“An inspiring guide for film festival organizers all over the world” is being prepared. Movies that Matter was involved in the formation of the 2nd edition of this handbook for emerging film festival organizers in developing countries and countries in transition. The handbook provides ample attention to censorship and security issues and gives advice to organizations intending to organize a mobile cinema project. Most chapters can be accessed already through the website of the Human Rights Film Network. The entire handbook will be finalised early 2015 after which it will be made available online.

Read the first chapters here
Workshop Jordan

From 5 tot 9 December 2014, the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan and Movies that Matter provide a workshop for film professionals from the Middle East and Northern Africa. In this workshop, called Cinema without Borders, participants gather practical knowledge to organize a professional human rights film festival. Movies that Matter is looking forward to witnessing the film festivals emanating from the workshop, contributing to the observance of human rights in this turbulent region.

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Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival Burma
New network members

As coordinator of the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN), Movies that Matter is pleased to welcome four human rights film festivals into the network; these festivals are from Burma, UgandaSenegal and Sierre Leone.

As start-ups, all four new members were supported by Movies that Matter. For instance, the 1st edition of the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival in Burma received financial support for its regional programme. The project developed into a successful event with over 20.000 visitors in 2014.

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