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Inform to Inspire

Inspiring people. That is what our activities are all about. Our workshops, film events, debates and advisory work all aim at inspiring people, encouraging them to screen films and promote discussion about human rights and social justice.

In this newsletter we inform you about our international activities, including grant opportunities, a workshop programme and of course the upcoming Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague. We hope you will be inspired!

Call for Applications

Mobile cinema projects, human rights film festivals, outreach programmes, travelling film festivals and educational activities at schools and universities: Movies that Matter offers financial assistance and advice to initiate all kinds of projects to help exhibit human rights films in developing countries and places where press freedom is at stake. So, are you planning to organise such a film event in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America or the Middle East, and still looking for funding? Apply now! The next deadline for applications is 15 April 2015.

Film festivals in the Middle East

In December 2014 Movies that Matter pushed its boundaries with an international workshop programme on how to organise a human rights film festival. The Cinema without Borders programme took place in Amman, Jordan, in cooperation with the Karama Human Rights Film Festival. The programme allowed participants from the Middle East and Northern Africa to learn about challenges and possible solutions in relation to the organisation of a human rights film event. During four intense and inspiring days participants shared knowledge and experiences, laying the foundation for an Arab cinema and human rights network.

Cinema Diplomacy

In order to celebrate International Human Rights Day on December 10, Movies that Matter offered Dutch Embassies all over the world a special film menu. To encourage Dutch diplomats to organise film screenings and debates concerning human rights issues, six films were selected: Eufrosina’s Revolution, Children 404, Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus, Sound of Torture, Viva Cuba Libre and A River Changes Course. Almost 30 screenings were organised, mainly in European capitals, but also in Turkey, the Dominican Republic, China and Sri Lanka. The Dutch Embassy in Albania even organised a mini-film festival, screening all six films.

Timbuktu opens 2015 Movies that Matter Festival

The opening film of this year's Movies that Matter Festival is Abderrahmane Sissako's Oscar-nominated Timbuktu. The annual film and debate festival on human rights and social justice takes place from 20 to 28 March in The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice. This year’s extended nine-day festival offers screenings of 70 movies and documentaries, including Oscar winner CitizenFour, as well as talk shows, debates, musical performances and art expositions. Ticket sale starts on 5 March.

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