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What inspired Oscar-winner Danis Tanovic to make his new feature film An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker? How did Rehad Desai obtain previously unseen material for Miners Shot Down  and what was it like for Mike Lerner to film the Pussy Riot girls for his documentary Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer in a Russian courtroom?

Also curious about these answers? Please join the special Filmmakers Masterclass  with directors Rehad Desai, Mike Lerner and Danis Tanovic.

Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer
An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker
Miners Shot Down

Mike Lerner is the director of the colourful documentary  Pussy Riot: a Punk Prayer. He also produced the Oscar nominated documentary The Square, which also screens at the festival this year.

The inspirational director will give an interactive masterclass after the screening of his film about the trial against the three Russian Punk Rock chicks.

Thursday, March 20,  15.30 Theater aan het Spui 2

Danis Tanovic

Acclaimed Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic will be honored at this year's festival with a retrospective of his films No Man's Land, Cirkus Columbia and the social-realist drama An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker.

After the screening of this touching feature film, Danis Tanovic will share stories on the making of the film.

Friday, March 21, 16:00 Filmhuis Den Haag 1

Rehad Desai

Producer, director and organizer of the Human Rights Film Festival in Johannesburg Rehad Desai, reconstructs the events surrounding the Marikana strike in August 2012 in  Miners Shot Down

Rehad Desai will discuss the difficulties involved in reconstructing an event. How did he stay true to reality? What choices did he have to make?

Saturday, March 22, 11:00 Filmhuis Den Haag 6


Ticket Sales for the Masterclasses start on Thursday, March 6.

Ticket (film and masterclass) €12.50, Students and discount rate  €10.00.

For more information, please contact Margreet Cornelius  (Department of Education)

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