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ATOMIC film & Debate programme

Please DO NOT PANIC: even though president Obama and Putin are visiting The Hague for the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) on 24 and 24 March, there is no reason you shouldn’t!  

WHAT do we know about nuclear power and what do we think we know? Is it safer than we think or is it a bigger threat to mankind than we can imagine? ATOMIC offers a balanced filmdebate programme with four documentaries, a fiction film and an extended talk show about the benefits, dangers and uncertainties about the use of nuclear power and weapons. The films are Countdown to Zero, Grand Central, Into EternityPandora's Promise and Snake Dance.

Talk Show ATOMIC

After the Nuclear Security Summit on Tuesday March 25th, the ATOMIC talk show will take place at 20.30 hrs at the foyer of Theater aan het Spui. Entrance is free.

President Obama hosted the first Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC in 2010, in order to draw attention at the highest possible level, to the need to secure nuclear material and thus prevent nuclear terrorism. At this moment, not all the nuclear material is secured yet. Will it be possible to do that within the next four years? Is nuclear energy the worst option for future generations or the best bet for a safer world? Is it feasible to reduce nuclear weapons globally? Or does the arms race halt the process?

A discussion about nuclear security and nuclear safety with inspiring guests such as Richard Burt (Global Zero), Kirsty Alexander (Nuclear Industry Association), Shin Chang-Hoon (director Asan Nuclear Policy and Technology Center), Peter Bode (Associate Professor Nuclear Science & Technology TU Delft), Jorien de Lege (Greenpeace), and film maker Patrick Marnham (Snake Dance). Presentation by Jeroen Kramer.

Ambassador Richard Burt is the U.S. chair of Global Zero. He is an accomplished U.S. diplomat with special expertise in the area of nuclear weapons. Burt successfully concluded a nuclear arms treaty as the U.S. chief negotiator in the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks with the Soviet Union in 1991. Previously, he was U.S. ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany.


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